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Home Health Companion

  • 5 in 1: 1 Lead ECG
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • PPG Sensor
  • Blood Oxygen Monitor and OSA Alert)

What is the ES001?

The ES001 is a fingertip wearable that packs a big punch. Despite its small, portable, and lightweight design, it provides the functionalities of 3 devices - 1 Lead ECG, Photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor, and Pulse Oximeter.

Daytime Care:

Users are able to receive an arrhythmia interpretation in less than a minute with the 1-lead ECG. Simultaneously, users are able to receive an AF interpretation from the PPG sensor.

Overnight Care:

Our sleep oxygen monitor allows you to store overnight and continuous blood oxygen saturation levels & heart rate during sleep or other occasions. Users can become immediately aware of an OSA event, and perform immediate correction instead of viewing a record post-event.

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The ES001 comes with a one-year limited warranty. For more information, please click here.

ES001 Features


Monitor your heart health anytime and anywhere


Measurements take less than a minute to perform

OSA Alert

OSA monitor that alerts users of possible health conditions during sleep and physical activity

AF Detection

Proprietary algorithm allows users to detect Atrial Fibrillation and Arrhythmia in less than 40 seconds


Elastomeric finger cup is soft and comfortable to wear


Perform 5 of the most commonly checked-for parameters in one device

One Easy Step

The ES001 is extremely simple and convenient to operate.

Users just need to put one of their fingers into the fingertip photoelectric sensor for diagnosis and the screen will directly show the result clearly.

Get further benefits by syncing to a smartphone app to record and receive further insights.

Technical Specifications

ECG Specifications

Measurement Range ±5mV
Sample Rate 256Hz
Heart Rate Range 40-220bpm

PPG Specifications

Sample Rate 25Hz
Heart Rate Range 32-240bpm
SpO2 Detection Range 70-100%

OSA Specifications

Accuracy Sensitivity 82%; Positive Predictive Value 80%

Hardware Features

Water Resistance IP22
Battery Life 10 hours; Rechargeable (Type C 5V/1A)
Finger Cup Elastomeric

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